“Overkill VR” Version 1.04 Patch Is Up, Supports Oculus Touch

Overkill VR has just been patched that fixes a lot of things, balancing, as well as support for Oculus Touch.

– Mixed reality videos are now possible by adding an external camera config file close to the game exe’s file. Feel free to make cool videos!
– Oculus touch is now officially supported. Warmap can be scrolled with the right analog correctly now.
– Increased difficulty for some East Slums levels. You will be flanked more frequently, so be careful!
– Increased fire rate for MK23 pistol a bit.
– Fixed MK23’s reflex not working
– Fixed a weird case where you could get stuck after a loading screen
– Fixed a bug where main menu was not being shown after going back from a mission.
– Improved first cover on East Slums 5, as it was a bit too high

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