Gear VR: November Week 4 Release

Here are the new released games for the Samsung Gear VR.

Gunship Battle2 VR


Take control of the most advanced gunship cockpit on the planet! Complete with episodic story and immersive gameplay, this game is not just another VR experience, but a fully realized actual game. Become a former ace pilot Dylan participating in a top secret government project. But because of it, he lost everything, even his family and his memory. Before he has to chance to recoup his life, the fate of world rests solely on his shoulder. The experimental gunship is the only chance that Dylan has to save the world and avenge his family. You, as Dylan, can make that happen. Get to your bird soldier!

Publisher: JOYCITY Corp
Web Site:
Release Date: 24 November 2016

Adventures of Poco Eco


A relaxing, exploratory audio-visual experience for all ages! Discover a new world where there’s a lot to see and even more to hear. Help Poco Eco, the curious explorer complete his mission. Your goal is to help Poco and his tribe find their Sounds that they’ve lost by solving the mini puzzles and completing all twelve 3D animated levels. By downloading the game you also get free access to Iamyank’s new full-length 7-track LP. The game world is built around a mixture of electronic music and design, placing you into its unique atmosphere. It was designed and developed by POSSIBLE Games & it features Iamyank’s newest LP – the Lost Sounds. POSSIBLE Games creates quality mobile games that entertain and challenge gamers of all levels. Adventures of Poco Eco was designed by visual artists with years of experience in 3D and mobile game design. We are excited to hear your opinion, please rate & review, send your comment to or visit

Publisher: POSSIBLE Games
Web Site:
Release Date: 22 November 2016

Turkey Hunt


The Mayans got it wrong. The world doesn’t end in 2012, it ends now! The Turkey Apocalypse is coming, and it’s up to you to stop it. These aren’t your normal gobblers: hell bent on world domination, they’ve fortified themselves in riot gear and they’re ready to take over the world. Are you up for the task? Do you have what it takes to prevent the Turkey Apocalypse? Then suit up and join Lucid Sight as we bring you TURKEY HUNT! TURKEY HUNT is a virtual reality game that takes you to the great outdoors to train for the fight of your life. Players will find themselves surrounded by incoming hordes of deadly cardboard turkeys and will have to shoot them all down to survive. Some can be brought down with just one well placed shot, but the bigger, meaner, stronger Alphas will take several rounds to defeat. Features: -Multiple Weapons & Upgrades -Three Unique Environments -Physics-based Turkey Destruction

Publisher: Lucid Sight, Inc.
Web Site:
Release Date: 23 November 2016

Cube Racer


High speed racing game. Race through a colorful world of nasty obstacles. Learn to handle the speed! Earn bonuses to buy more fancy looking cockpits. Experience VR Racing from inside a fighter cockpit, or – if you really good at the game – NO COCKPIT AT ALL!

Publisher: Trucker VR
Web Site:
Release Date: 23 November 2016

Immersv – New & Best VR Apps


WATCH AMAZING VR TRAILERS, TOP 3 LISTS & MORE View 2D and 360 videos from cool, new VR apps all through your Gear headset in a single, free app. Check out which VR content made our Top 3 lists and reviews. From Top VR Roller Coasters to Top VR Music Videos, there’s something for everyone with more content and reviews being added every week. You no longer have to search the entire internet to find and stream footage from popular VR apps, videos, and experiences.

Publisher: Immersv Inc
Web Site:
Release Date: 23 November 2016