“Abduction” VR Coming Mid Next Year, Up on Indiegogo

A new title “Abduction Episode 1: Her Name was Sarah” was added to Steam few days ago. It is currently under development by Red Iron Labs.

In this VR title, the players has to work their way out through the surrounding to avoid being abducted at night by creatures (who possesses the ability to paralyze your body/mind and erase your memories) who are planning to enact human experiments. The player play as a series of characters at different moments in their lives, as they tries to build up a resistance to the abilities of the creatures (the first episode focuses on the life of Sarah, hence the game title).


The first episode begins with Sarah as a child who has discovered that she has been getting abducted at night by evil aliens. You will move through various stages and moments in her life, and your decision will influence how the story will end and how her role will impact the subsequent episodes. It is also said that missions, quests and goals will vary with frequent randomization, giving a different experience with every playthrough.


You will go through various locales, such as hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, industrial areas and even a bunker.

The aliens also come in various shapes and sizes.


The “Humanoids” usually hunts in a pack and lead by a Doctor Alien. They are basically the cannon fodder in the title. In this game, the Humanoids are the go-to aliens to dissect humans to understand how humans have evolved a resistance to their abilities. There’s also the Reptilian race that are hunters by nature. Their main purpose is to kill and destroy the humanoids.


The Doctor


The Doctor is like the ‘alpha’ of the aliens. They have ben genetically and bio-mechanically modified and enhanced. Their eyes has been clustered close together for better tool precision, as well as enlarged brain, making them efficient problem solvers. They have enhanced psionics, which allows them to modify behaviors of Psi-Resistant humans and even some Reptilian species.




Greys serves the role of the scouts. They are silent, and their eyes clusters allow them to see in many directions at the same time, perfect for them to navigate. They are generally non-violent, and is most likely to capture its prety to return them to the mother-ship for analysis.




The foot soldiers of the humanoids, these creatures are Greys which has been deemed to be injured or inferior than their peers, and then put through excruciating body modification, which makes them angry and more hostile than others.




Hunters are terrifying, Reptilian-based creature that serves as the Alpha and decision makers of the Reptilians. They insist on being in the center of their troops and will be active on the ground. A Reptilian in the vicinity usually means a Hunter is somewhere nearby.




Shadowman usually lurks in the shadow. They have a unique skin abnormality that causes them to be both transparent and unresponsive under light, so if you want to survive, its best you leaves the lights on and look out for them in dark places. They uses their giant hands to trap and crush their prey, which allows easy consumption.




Shadowfox is the ‘alert’ of the Reptilian. They will scout around, then scream to alert nearby Reptilians. They are jelly-like and prefers to hide and wait.

The title is currently up on Indiegogo, with Early Access starting on December 17th 2016 for the Early Birds and full release on June 1st 2017.

This game is planned for OSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. PSVR support is on a $150k tier, with the mobile VRs (Google Cardboard, Google DayDream and GearVR) at $200k tier. Do note that it can be playable without a VR headset too.

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