Steam New Release: BladeShield

Rank17 has launched BladeShield on SteamVR. This title is a fast-paced action title which has you defend yourself against robotic opponents.

As the title implies, you can dual wield shields and swords in any combination, in this title as you attack and defend at the same time against incoming AI enemies.

Switching between shield and sword is just a click on the button. There are various AI bots, such as a sawbots, blaster bots, jumps bots and also mega turrents. Blocking with shield is easy, but you can charge your sword if you use it to block attacks too. Blocking by sword will charge it up, which allows you to unleash a powerful EMP blast when its full charged.

BladeShield features Steam Leaderboards, and it is currently on a 20% discount. Due to its gameplay, a Room-scale play area is required.

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