Steam New Release: Racket: Nx

Virtual reality title “Racket: Nx” is out on Steam platform! This is a Squash-based title, where you uses a raket to hit the ball, except that you are inside a glass doom with dynamic patterns of targets on its walls.

According to the developer, this game is the first game to features Waves Nx 3D Audio Technology. In Racket: Nx, targets can appear anywhere around you, and thus audio plays a big part in directing your attention.

Racket: Nx focuses on spatial awareness, motor control and reflexes. You have to hit the ball at the right targets which will buy you more time and score, but they ain’t fixed. They changes in random waves as you play, which makes things more difficult and faster. Eventually the timer will reach zero and explode.

The game is set to release as Early Access, with major features promised, such as a level editor, sharing and rating systems for user generated levels, multiplayer etc.

Racket: NX is under development by One Hamsa. Due to its design, the game requires a standing/room-scale play area, with HTC Vive support.

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