Ubisoft’s VR Titles Will Feature Cross-platform Play

Ubisoft has announced that their VR titles will feature cross platform play, allowing all the players of their VR games can get to play with each other regardless of platforms. In other words, Playstation VR and PC players can play with each other, even if they are using different VR headsets.

Take for example, Eagle Flight, which has already been launched for Playstation VR and Oculus Rift, will allows Playstation VR owners to play with Oculus Rift, and vice versa. HTC Vive will also be able to join in once the game has been launched on Steam this coming December 20th 2016 (Steam Page here).

The same will apply to their upcoming multi-platform VR titles, Werewolves Within (December 6 2016) and Star Trek: Bridge Crew (March 14 2017).