Steam New Release: Nock: Hidden Arrow

Nock: Hidden Arrow is a newly launched title of game studio “CodeBison Games”. This game is a first person, archery dungeon adventure game, whereby gamer has to navigate around a dungeon and killing creatures via throwing stuffs or firing arrows at them.

The dungeon is also filled with deadly traps which you have to avoid, or you can spring them off in a way to inflict damage to you opponents instead. You can also op to avoid them by sneaking past them. In addition, there are also puzzles to solve too.

The game is designed to feature no on screen HUDs. The game info is revealed through visual and audio cues in-game.

Do note that this game also features no multiplayer or gear upgrade system as well, though they may be added in a sequel.

This game is currently in Early Access, and the developer is thinking of (not promised) game features like different arrow types, new interactions like swimming or climbing.

Nock: Hidden Arrow is a HTC Vive title that supports standing and room scale experience.

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