“I Hate Santa” VR Launching By This Year

“I Hate Santa” is a brand new Steam entry that is scheduled for release this month.

This is a snowball fight title that is based around fighting snow balls at targets, which is pretty similar to a shooting gallery title. You can shoot and level up as you defeat the targets you see. Apparently you will discover “Santa’s dark secret” when you finish this game.

Enemies will throw snowballs at you too, but you can dodge those incoming snowballs as well. This game also features a leader board which you can compete your score against other players.

I Hate Santa supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR natively, and is made by VirtualRock VR. If you are however, looking for something that is more similar to a traditional snow fight, you might want to check out Snowday.

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