Steam New Release: Crazy Saloon VR

Crazy Saloon VR, a virtual saloon experience with the Old West setting, has been released on Steam!

Crazy Saloon VR contain various features which you can expect to see in a old west saloon, such as taking the role of the bartender, throwing darts, bar defense (you have to use a slingshot and maybe some dynamites to chase away the bandits that are looking for trouble!), bottle skeet and others.

There is also a free mode where you can roam around in the saloon to shoot things up and interact with items (eg throwing the dart at the chandelier to drop it, lighting a dynamite by the candle, shooting with shotgun).

This simulation title is compatible with HTC Vive, and supports Seated, Standing and Room-Scale play area, and it is developed by Monsieur K.

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