Steam New Release: Salvage Op

Salvage Op is a VR shooter title that is released in Steam. It is a horror title that take place in a dark space vessel (you have a head-mounted flashlight to illuminate the place you want to see), which has been overrun by weird monsters.

Salvage Op uses a teleportation mechanic. In this game, player can wield multiple weapons and interact with objects, such as medical kits, grenades, distraction items and also explosive containers.

The title is in Early Access, featuring 4 maps and 3 difficulty. It is under development by D.W.S, and according to them, while the title now support only the Vive, they want to bring it to Oculus Rift with Touch support, but the hardware is not yet available at this time for them.

This game supports Seated, Standing and Room-Scale play area.

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