Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality Announced & Released for Playstation VR, Rift/Vive Coming Soon

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality has been announced for the Playstation VR, during Playstation Experience.

This title works like the enhanced version of the original title, putting gamers in various situations (including the back of ambulance), and operating on various kinds of bodies; like an alien in the add-on mission “Code Name: Trisha”.

 Bob’s life is in your hands in this darkly humorous VR game, taking you closer to bloody surgery than you possibly ever wanted to go! From the operating theatre, to the back of an ambulance, to outer space, your trusting patient’s welfare will be in your virtual hands.
If you’ve ever actually wanted to know what it feels like to delicately remove teeth from a patient using nothing but a subtle claw hammer, or to perform complex eye surgery in Zero-G, now is your chance (without all the added hassle of flashing blue lights, plane tickets, rushed flights and Interpol).
In addition to the original surgeries, Surgeon Simulator: ER adds exclusive new features for you to experience in VR. How about brain surgery in the dark? Fancy some new achievements? What about a 2nd hand to perform surgery?! It’s all here for you in Surgeon Simulator: ER!
Now with over 3 million ‘trained’ surgeons across the world, Surgeon Simulator has become a firm favourite with players across the globe. YOU are the doctor. Bob is the patient. His life is literally in your hands.

The new title is said to feature some new modes too, and it is now available on the Playstation Store. It is coming to HTC Vive on December 5th and Oculus Touch on December 6th.

This game is developed by Bossa Studios Limited. Check out the trailer below.