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“Protonwar” New Gameplay Video

Protonwar is a VR multiplayer shooter title that has been in Early Access since July. As an Early Access title, this means the developer is still finetuning the title, and today they have some announcement regarding the improvements they have made, as well as a new gameplay video.

The default movement mode has now been changed to the trackpad mode as it has been greatly improved recently and plays very well.
You can increase/decrease the walking forward speed by adjusting how far away from your body you are holding the controller, close for a slow walk, out in front of you for a run.

There is now proper physics interaction with weapons, you can grip your weapon with your left hand for secondary grip! (left hand grip button)

The laser sight is now gone.
The laser dot, is lit up by holding down the scope button (right controller menu button)
There is a new sight on the Aspid, the model for this is not final.

Misc changes:
Improved lighting on weapon models (they now look like they used to before the render change 🙂
Added ammo icon onto gun so you can easily remember which colored ammo is for each gun (very simple)
Added bullet shell casing effects for Aspid, Stapler, Shotgun, Sniper, Instagib
Added scope for instagib rifle
Increased time between shots on Rocket
Fixed winner announcement bug

-Gozu, out.

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