“The Unspoken” Releasing Today

The Unspoken is due to be released for the Oculus Rift today, according to its official site.

In this game from Insomniac Games, this Oculus Touch enabled action title is a game about the secret art of spellcasting and magicians’ duels. Players are to manipulate the environment with powerful arcane forces , or summon unfathomable monstrosities with their bare hand, as they engage in intense battle with fellow arch-mages.

Duels are play out in concealed urban areas, with different destructible features and spell enabling properties. Players can conjure fireballs and shields, as well as turning mundane objects into deadly weapons.

The Unspoken features an one vs one mode, as well as more han 25 spells. If you pre order Oculus Touch you will be getting this title free.

The Unspoken Site