Alpine Ski Releasing on 16 December

SuchWorks has formally announced that Alpine Ski will be releasing on 16 December 2016, on Oculus Store and Steam store!

Groundbreaking VR Ski Experiences

In 2016 Suchworks combined forces with Fatmap who are leaders in creating highly detailed 3D piste maps for ski resorts. Together they created the most immersive VR ski simulation to date, a breathtaking virtual reality view of Chamonix with a staggering 2m accuracy, which was not only skiable, but came with your own heli to fly you anywhere you like. This experience was a highlight of the top ski events in the UK, including the International Freeski Festival, The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show and resort networking events at the top of the shard.

Alpine Ski VR

The launch of Alpine Ski VR builds on this realistic yet fun ski model, plunging the gamer into 6 slalom courses, 6 freestyle levels and 100km2 of open world mountains to heliski.

Beat the split times on the slalom courses to get the best time! Avoid the obstacles and don’t lean too much or you’ll slow yourself down! Take it in turns with friends to see who’s the true pro skier.

Perform tricks in one of the snow parks, on the big air or one of the off piste cliff drops! Tilting your head in a realistic way will perform spins. 360’s, 720’s, 1080’s are all obtainable, be sure to land the jump correctly or you’ll lose your score multiplier and the chance at those elusive points!

Take a relaxing ski around the huge open world mountain range, carving up the slopes and taking in the views. Once you’re done, your heli will come pick you up and fly you wherever you’d like to go!

Alpine Ski VR will be available for the Oculus and Vive headsets and can be downloaded from the Oculus store or Steam.

Alpine Ski VR Website

Steam Page

WearVR Page