Some “Arizona Sunshine” Contents Are Time Exclusive for 5th-7th Gen Intel i-7 PC (Update: Exclusivity Removed)


Due to numerous feedback, the developers has decided to unlock these modes immediately to all players.

Thank you for all your feedback on the game. We developed the game to be as immersive and engaging as we could. While we love to hear about the things that delight you, we also take to heart the things that we can do better. It’s clear from your feedback many of you are not happy with the previously undisclosed modes being available only on certain higher end PCs. You are most important to us, and we hear your comments. We are unlocking these modes immediately to all players, and we hope you enjoy them.

We have recommended and still recommend using the Core i7 in order to maintain a constant 90FPS with advanced physics. We also realize that these chips cost money. We created bonus content that was not advertised as a reward for those of you who took us up on our recommendation.

We wanted you to feel it was worth it, but we also wanted everybody to be able to play these modes eventually. These surprise game modes were meant to be a reward for those players with high-end VR systems who were looking for the most immersive experience possible.

You are most important to us, and we hear and appreciate your comments. We are unlocking these modes to all players immediately via an automatic update, and we hope you enjoy them.

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Original Story

It has been discovered that some parts of Arizona Sunshine (Single Player Horde and Apocalyptic Mode) are only available exclusively for the 5th,6th and 7th gen intel i-7 rig at the moment. It will only beavailable to  the rest on March 6 2017.

Single Player Horde Mode & Apocalyptic Mode
These are two game modes that we have not focused on previously.
Working with Intel allowed us to create even more content than we originally planned, including these modes and the physics systems in the game, making Arizona Sunshine one of the richest VR experiences possible. We want to give 5th, 6th and 7th gen Intel® Core™ i7 owners first glimpse into these additional modes, but they’ll be available March 6, 2017 to everyone who owns the game.
Single Player Horde Mode is as you would expect, a single player experience in Horde Mode.
Apocalyptic Mode is the highest level of difficulty in the campaign. Its features include:

• Only one weapon (handgun)

• Very limited ammo

• No checkpoints – you die and go back to the start of the game

• One hit death
Completing this is tied to an achievement that will result in an award of a golden desert eagle pistol for use in multiplayer and future apocalyptic sessions. The gun will be added in a future update.

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