Steam New Release: CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy

CRANGA! Harbor Frenzy is a new VR puzzle game from HandMade Game that is based on the block pushing titles (like Jenga). In this game, player controls an industrial crane to push and remove shipping container from a teetering tower while trying to not collapse it.

Player has to utilize physical space to move and see the container tower from various angles, and with different different container types, items, and game modes, “this seemingly simple task will turn out to be a great challenge”.

This game features local multiplayer (play with friends), with Network multiplayer and Vive controller support coming soon. It supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR for now with gamepad input. CRANGA!: Harbcr Frenzy will also be coming to Playstation VR early next year.

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