Steam New Release: ROM: Extraction

VR Action title “ROM: Extraction” is now available for purchase on Steam. It is a game that puts the player in the shoe of an extractor, a member of the Orb Extraction Unit in the year 2076. You have been send on a mission to extract alien eggs from chambers on the moon, and while your dropship is being prepared for launch, you have to defend yourself against the extraterrestrial bots who are protecting the chambers.

Fortunately you can spawn orbs in your hand thanks to the Orb dispenser on your suit, which you can use to throw at the bots. Your energy pistol is also a useful tool for you to dispatch or ignite the orbs for strategy kills, and on top of that, it also contains an advanced technology known as “Reflex” that lets you slow down time for easy kill.

ROM: Extraction features 3 mode of play (Normal, Hard, Survive), Leaderboards, Achievements, as well as Coorperative Social Screen.

This game is developed by First Contact Entertainment. It supports the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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