Steam New Release: Super Kaiju

Super Kaiju has finally shifted from Early Access and graduated to a full fledged release. This game is under development by Directive Games.

Priced at $9.99, Super Kaiju is a fast-paced online multiplayer arena shooter game (for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift w/Touch), where you play in first person against your enemy, and with a weapon with each hand as you utilize the power of giant kaijuin epic battles to the death.

You can employ various strategy, such as shooting down the flying creatures to gai nstars to activate your abilities, or go for your opponent’s kaijudirectly by collecting special bomb minions that can be used to deliver massive amount of damages to the enemy.

This game features 3 types of Kaijus (Talos, Augerer, Countessa) and 5 unique skins for each. There are 3 types of flying monsters for you to charge your abilities, 3 battlefields, 3 power ups, a secondary weapons for each Kaiju, 20x abilities and challenges so you can play against other players.

More Kaijus and their secondary weapons, as well as achievements and medal system will also be added in the future, as well as features like a ladders and tournaments post launch for ranked games.

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