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“Happy Manager” Game Details

Famitsu has an interview with the Senior Executive Officer Contents Division General Manager of D3 Publisher, Mr Nobuyuki Okajima, regarding the Playstation VR Japanese title “Happy Manager“.

According to the interview, The game project existed before it was a VR title. It was known as “Manager” as its temporarily title back then, where the player takes the role of a apartment manager. It is a love simulation title that allow the player to engage in a variety of events with the female residents.

The development is done by Tamsoft Corp, who’s famous for the old “SIMPLE” series, “Dream Club” series, “Onechanbara” series etc. He feels that the best part of this work is to enter the girls’ room and have communication, which you can not do easily in the real world even if you pay for it.

The game has also made adjustments to the characters after feedback from users. Check out the differences between the old and new version of the characters (left is old, right is new)


The body types of the characters has been model with care too to illustrate their different style. For instance, Christine is a mixed blood, so the position of the buttocks is higher than the other two. Each character has got different head and body shape. Besides different personality, their butt shape is quite different too.

There is tremendous focus on the faces, such as the representation of the teeth and tongue. They have been researching in facial expressions, and there will be scene to showcase this, such as the scene of drinking alcohol while sitting on the bed with Shizuka in her room.

There is a scene of the swimming pool that was revealed previously. According to them, they are not ready to talk about the details, but stated that this scenario can be activated under circumstances.

There were various ideas thrown around about the character designs, including the age. Shizuka is of a legal drinking age, so there will be drinking scenario with her.


In this game, besides communicating, this game will allow player to improve the relationships with the tenants over 3 months. The subsequent relationship will change too depending on the actions of the players. In this game, there are various numbers of choices (up to 5) at various stages of the game.

The game will also react depending on where the player is watching as well, according to the developer. This will be a fully voiced title , with 9500 words per character. Miyuki Nakahara, Rie Kugimiya, Mr. Hisako Kimoto are the voice actresses for the characters. Besides the 3 girls, there will be other minor characters as well, which will play smaller roles.

The game will be released in Winter 2017. They have also shared some new images of the game.