Steam New Release: The Jigsaw Puzzle Room

The Jigsaw Puzzle Room for virtual reality has been released on Steam.

Jigsaw Puzzle Room is a game where you can piece together a jigsaw puzzle, except the possibility of missing any pieces and without the ability to hang it on your wall.

This title allows 3 different sizes, with the difficulty of the puzzle dependent of the size. There are various images of the puzzle, and you can even upload your own image to piece in the game as well.

One weird thing about this title is that the puzzles are in traditional 2D form. Considering that this is virtual reality, not having 3D jigsaw puzzles where you can rotate or hold up, is puzzling (pun not intended).

This title supports both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and is developed by MobileFusion App Ltd.

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