Filthy Lucre Coming to Steam on 12 Dec

Filthy Lucre, a tactical stealth HEIST game from Fabrik Games, has been announced. 

In this game, the player has to perform a series of heist jobs as he attempt to bring down a crime lord’s empire who has hired a team of private guards who is protecting his organisation and his money.

This game allows player to approach the heist in anyway way he desires, whether its to play it tactically with the gadgets or goes in gun blazing.

This game is currently out now for Playstation 4, and the company has announced Playstation VR support too with a vague 2016 release, but no date has been revealed. 

The company has recently announced that it will be coming to Steam on 12nd December 2016. As to whether it will support VR too on Steam, they replied that the answer is “not at launch” as they  focuses on the PC release for now, and that everyone should stay tune for future announcement regarding VR.

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