Local Multiplayer VR “Mass Exodus” Coming on 20 December

Mass Exodus is arriving on Steam this coming 20 December 2016, and it will be featuring a local multiplayer gameplay, which pits the VR player against the PC player.

In this game, an android has gone rogue at the Droid Corp assembly plant. The VR player assumes the role of the ‘seeker’, a large sinister robot in charge of the factory and is now going to track down and arrest the defective android. The PC takes on the role of the rogue android, as he seeks to switch off 3 of the 4 power consoles located around the warehouse to shut the factory down.

Each round is said to be different, and that the environment is customizable. There are power-ups that can be obtained as well.

This game will be available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR. It is developed by Polymerse.