Elephant Express VR Coming to Steam on 16 Dec

Elephant Express will be launching on Steam on 16 December. It is a taxi and delivery service title where you will ride an elephant to deliver mail packages around the jungle.

This job requires you to travel to exotic locations, from jungles to dangerous caves and more. There are various threats that you will have to look out for, including crocodiles, spiders, snakes and others.

There are 4 episodes, each with their own unique theme and characteristics, making up a total of 60 levels.

  • Mail for Hippos (15 levels)
  • Night Shift (15 levels)
  • Cave Expedition (15 levels)
  • Winter Special (15 levels)

The developer, Blob Lab, has stated that there will be more episodes to come in the future. It will also be supporting various languages when launch (English, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish).

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