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“Special Delivery” VR Launching on 17 Dec

The virtual reality version of the classic title “Paper Boy” , titled “Special Delivery” will be launching on Steam on 17 December 2016.

In this title,player assume the role of a paper boy, as he tries to deliver the papers while riding on the road and dodging the obstacles and traps (including cars, dogs and even tornadoes) at the same time.

Try to grow your subscriber base and expand your paper route as you progress the game. You will also get to interact with objects, like smashing lawn gnomes for bonus points, knocking over trashcans and others. There are 28 rounds (1 round per day) unless you lose all your subscribers before then.

Special Delivery features 4 neighborhood sections, and you will unlock one per week. There’s also a ‘Sunday Special Edition’. At the end of each game week, player collect coin pickups to pay for all the tossed papers while encountering boss fights with the rival paper companies.

This title is under development by Meerkat Gaming.

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