Steam New Release: Punch Bomb

Punch Bomb is a VR title that just got a release on Steam as Early Access. In this title, the motion controller becomes a fists that you’ll be wielding in the game, as you engage in various fist-related challenges.

In Punch Bomb, you’ll be punching the bombs away from you, before they explode in your face. You’ll be also dodging obstacles or fight bosses in Grav Bomb as well.

There are various new fists with unique particle effects that you can unlock via completing challenges, such as a lobster hands, boxing gloves, skeleton hands and others.

There are also powerups, and also combo systems to maximize your score as well. There’s even a global leaderboards which you can use to compare your scores.

Developer Chris Folea has stated that this title doesn’t support the Rift and Oculus Touch at the moment, but the supports will come soon. Currently it support only the HTC Vive with Room-scale play area.

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