Steam New Release: Dimensional

Dimensional has been launched on Steam as a fullfledged title, after spending some time as Early Access. It is a narrative-driven puzzle VR title, that supports the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR.

Dimensional is an action VR title that requires many physical movements. You have to move around as you manipulate the objects to solve puzzles, explore and others, but the developer has stated that a minimum play area of 1.2m x 50cm is needed.

This title is not just puzzles and action, as there will be various other experiences, such as jumping off a high platform, slide along a narrow ledge,dodging and jumping over lasers and a lot more as well. You can dive deeper to explore and find hidden places that contain hints and messages which gives you an in depth background story of the game.

Dimensional tasked the player to play the role of a human protector of the offsprings of endangered trans-dimensional race, who has been hidden in a chambers that was build by the human race on Earth. Now the hunters has made their way to hunt down the remaining offsprings, and you will have to rescue them before it is too late.

You are accompanied by an alien droid “Digby”, which you can use to manipulate objects or for more destructive purposes.

This game features traditional analogue stick movement, as well as teleportation.

Dimensional is created by Brett Jackson, and published by Head Start Design.

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