Steam New Release: Fist of Physics

Fist of Physics is a new arena fighting title for VR that is now in Early Access on Steam. In this title, player gets to punch robots that are running wild in San Francisco to save the city.

This game features first person fighting title where player fights robots through the first person view (that resembles the “Real Steel” movie). Fist of Physics uses Midas’ VR physics that makes punching them more realistic. In addition, this title also allows the player to equip weapons that provides them additional advantages against the foes.

Currently, this game features 3 robots in a single environment, over 15 matches and 4 different weapons (Fist, axe, hammer, and sword). The developer “Midas Touch Games” states that the full version will feature 6 robots, multiple environments, more weapons and leaderboard too, but they estimates that it will take 4 months to push it to that version.

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