HTC Vive

Steam New Release: Pixel Bomb! Bomb!!

Action virtual reality title “Pixel Bomb! Bomb!!” is now out on Steam!

This title is set in the Leroy Forest, where a narcissistic yet beautiful queen who dresses up splendidly everyday, while cursing every beautiful girl in her kingdom to lose their good looks to her via a curse. One day, one of her servant told her that Princess Amara, who resides in a small kingdom at the edge of Leroy Forest,is the most beautiful of all. The jealous queen then send a large elf troops with lots of delicious food to make her fat.

As a warrior select by empire, you will have to start saving the princess and defeat the elves.

This title requires player to attack the enemies from all angle. There are various elves with cakes to defeat, as well as an unique dragon boss that’s going to pose a challenge as well. Pixel Bomb! features 2 game modes: classic mode where you have to fight against the elves and cakes and prevent the princess from getting to fat. The arcade mode requires the player to simply kill as many monsters as possible.

Pixel Bomb! is developed by Uborm, and supports the HTC Vive.

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