Steam New Release: Children of Colossus

Children of Colossus is a VR action title, that pit the player against gigantic colossus. This is a room-scale only title, and player has to use the sword (in one hand) and a wand (in the other hand) to bring down these giants, by watching out for openings to strike at them, as he moves his body physically to dodge the attacks.

There are 5 different colossus. According to the story, this game take place at the beginning of the primitive era, where human and colossus co-habit, as the colossus act as the guardian of human, helping them to resist the invasion, natural disasters and other creatures.

As the human civilisation advances, the colossus has become the obstruction of human’s development due to their excessive consumption of natural resources.

This fighting game is developed by Colossus Interactive, and supports the HTC Vive.

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