Steam New Release: Defense of Castle Chilly

Defense of Castle Chilly is an archery/wave defense title, where player has use their archery skills and magic spells to defend the castle (and yourself) from invaders. It is a game that is developed with Room-scale in mind, and rather than using a teleportation, you’ll be walking through doorways to access other rooms.

This game is said to focus heavily on the bow and arrow mechanics. You have to keep your quivers re-stocked, and learn techniques like speed-loading, enchanting and other tricks waiting to be discovered.

Besides defending the castle, you will be able to explore the castle itself, where you can find useful tools and upgrades to improve your stats.

Defense of Castle Chilly features 2 game modes: a classic mode where you have to attack while maintaining your arrows supply at the same time. In arcade mode, you have only a back quiver, so there is no need for reloading (just keep firing!) This means however, you will not be able to take advantages of the advanced techniques or improve the arrows.

This title is developed by “Lord of the Stack” and is released for HTC Vive.

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