Steam New Release: DWVR

Mad Triangles has just released “DWVR”, a virtual reality title that allows the gamer to battle hordes of murderous beings, using guns, swords and spells. It is a fast paced action title which makes use of your arm motions (you’ll have to make a motion where you throw a ball, for instance, in order to throw a fireball in the game).

This game features different weapons, each sporting their unique uses and functionalities. There are 2 game modes in this game: The survival mode, where you fight against waves of enemies (and bosses) in different arenas under one of the four difficulties. There is also a challenges mode, which features several different scenarioes, each of them showcasing the different weapons, spells or skills. There’s a leaderboard which you can use to compete for the highest score too.

This title is currently released as an Early Access game, with 1 to 2 months to full fledged title and will feature full multiplayer (co-op up to 4 players, with PvP modes up to 6 players). A 15% launch promotion discount is currently on-going.

DWVR is supporting both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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