Steam New Release: Storm Front: VR Agent 006

Storm Front: VR Agent 006 is a new shooting adventure game (developed by jerei) that is now on Steam for HTC Vive. In this title, you will be participating in intense gunfights, as well as solving puzzles when you are not fighting.

Storm Front: VR Agent 006 consist of 2 modes: a story mode which works like the campaign, whereas Endless Mode is as its name suggest, a mode where you will fight till you die.

You will be fighting your enemies as S-level special agent 006. The VR world has been attempting to take over the real world, and all the countries has sent their special agents to sneak into the VR world but got captured. Being the exceptional S-level special agent 006, your objective is to enter the VR world to rescue the captured comrades.

The battle arena is littered with various barriers which you can seek to take shelter from the incoming fires. You will be hiding behind bunkers, which can be broken down by damages, but they can be repaired as well.

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