“Distance” Now Supports HTC Vive

Distance on Steam has been updated with official HTC Vive support and other improvements.

It is a survival racing title where gamer controls a unique car that can boost, jump, rotate and even fly.

Besides HTC Vive support, Distance is also playable on Oculus Rift and OSVR too.

Here’s the VR change log for this game:

  • Added initial HTC Vive support
  • Added a VR options menu, with ability to disable VR, and tweak many parameters for comfort versus immersion
  • Tweaked third-person camera modes in VR to be more usable. World appears smaller when in 3rd person
  • Added VR camera reset when the headset is put on
  • Modified camera shake in VR to be less intense; it can also be disabled
  • Greatly reduced camera movement on explode when in VR
  • Greatly reduced brightness of windshield effects when in VR
  • Camera resetting now persists between levels
  • Added various VR improvements under the hood
  • Disabled dirty lens effect when in VR
  • Disabled realtime-reflections when in VR
  • Removed Chaperone for SteamVR/Vive

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