Steam New Release: Lockdown: Stand Alone

Lockdown: Stand Alone is a new action title that is now available on Steam on Early Access. In this horror action title, player will be fighting against strange creatures in the city of St. Louis of a dying world, after mankind has discovered a renewable energy source with unlimited possibilities.

This is not a wave defense title with small claustrophobic levels, as claimed by the developer. You will be able to move around, either by touchpad movement or via teleportation. As such, no room-scale play area is needed and you can play in standing or even sitting play area.

This title is the debut work of Viversion game studio, and they are targeting to push out the full game in Q4 2017. Currently, the game offers 5 playable levels that provides around 3 hours of gameplay. At the moment, it supports the HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift support with Touch controller is planned for the future. It has a 20% discount as its launch promotion now.


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