Steam New Release: Snow Fortress

Snow Fortress has now graduated from Early Access on Steam, as it steps toward being a full fledged title today. In this debut title from Mythical City Games, Snow Fortress allows gamers (especially those who doesn’t have snows in their countries, or can’t participate in real snow fighting for many reasons), to build their own snow fortress, and snow fight against autonomous snowmen, across 20 levels.

Snow can be thrown by tossing them with the motion controller or a slingshot that provides longer range and damages. There’s also a range of unlockable items such as shields to help defend your fortress against the opposing snowmen.

This game features an online multiplayer, allowing you to fight against actual VR player from everywhere. A global leaderboards is also included as well in this room-scale VR title.

Snow Fortress supports both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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