Steam New Release: VR Apocalypse

NextGen Games has put up VR Apocalypse for sale on Steam, a virtual reality title that offers support for the Oculus Rift, and is compatible (only) with the gamepad.

VR Apocalypse is an action title filled with fast fluid gameplay. This title take place in the year 2027, whereby the player take the role of a contractor for the fictional “NextGen Games” in the game.Your job role is todefend the planet by piloting a remote telepresence drone, using your VR headset. The United Nation has tasked you to get rid of the alien infestation on Earth, so that it is safe for habitation again.

This game is a arcade-style shooting title which utilizes a technique that the developers have dubbed a ‘dynamic rest frame’, which they claim is a solution to the presence-breaking VR-sickness for first person shooter. It is said tohave high replayable value, with randomized elements that will entice the gamers to keep returning. There’s also an Arcade Leaderboards where you can compete against friends as well.

This title is currently on a 20% launch promotion, which ends on Christmas Eve.

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