“Project Lux” Preview Video, Launching Early 2017

“Project LUX” is a multi-end type animation developed from the ground up for virtual reality. It is an animation title from SpicyTails, a doujin game production circle, with involvement from Mr. Isuna Hasekura, the original author of the light novel work “Spice & Wolf” series. Here’s a video of it from a couple of days ago.

In this video, you can catch a glimpse of the story, as well as a portion of the world view. There is going to be an playable alpha version of the title at the indie game exhibition “Digi Game Expo” on November 13.

Project LUX will be up for advance sales at Comic Market 91 on December 29 2016. It will be for sale on Steam, Oculus Store and other online platforms in early 2017 for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The title will carry a price tag of 2800 yen and last 67 minutes, with a Playstation VR release at a later date.