HTC Vive

Steam New Release: Arcane

Arcane is a very new VR title that just got released on Steam moment ago. It is a game that is developed by Offpeak Games, and it is on a 20% launch promotion discount.

Arcane is a fast-paced fatasy action title, that you engage battle with both ranged and melee weapons. Each of the weapons has their own unique individual mechanics, which produces various results on the enemies.

In this title, the player arrives on a small island with just a stack of magical weapons. These weapons are necessary for him to brawl his way up to the top of the island, battling against the elementals and the local warlocks who has summoned them.

The enemies come in many forms and types, and they can come from the air and ground, and here’s where you will have to learn to adapt to the different weapons, whether its sword and shield, or dual swords, magical fists to punch those projectiles and more.

This game is a room-scale title, and currently it only support the HTC Vive.

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