Steam New Release: Child of Ault

Hangzhou Nezha Games has launched a new virtual reality title, “Child of Ault”. In this game, player takes the role of a child who has to defend his homeland from the evil witches. Of course it is going to take more than just a boy for the task, and thankfully he has access to various “dangerous” toys and a magical catapult.

Despite being a tower defense title, Child of Ault is also a game of strategy as well. Take for instance, the magic catapult can fire various types of ammunitions, each having different elements (fire, ice and electric, normal) that inflicts various amount of damages and effects.

There are various towers in the game, and you can move between the towers as you seek the best shots at the incoming foes. Do try for headshots though, as it inflicts the most amount of punishment to them!

This game supports the HTC Vive headset. It is currently on a 20% launch promotion discount.

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