“RIG Mechanized Combat League” Winter Season Update Trailer


RIGS for PSVR is getting a free Winter season update content this month. There’s going to be a new Zurich Stadium, Switzerland (Dec 20th) and a new APX RIGS (Dec 27th).


Here’s a peak at the new arena, with lots of inspiration from skate parks. There’s 4 sunken bowls that flow into the surrounding structures to allow big air jumps. It can be played in single player and multiplayer mode, as well as its own Trials.





There will be APX RIGS dropping on Dec 27th as well. Based on the original RIGS, these version feature enhanced boost system, giving them the ability to achieve much higher top speed as well as new air-dodge and back-dodge. The tradeoff though is that it offer lesser protection due to lighter form of armor. The first RIGS groups to get this APX treatment will be the Test Rigs, Vampires RIGS with Nuke RIGS to follow on January 10th.

The update also brings about a new Customization Store, where you can purchase new customization options for your pilot and pay with the credit you earned in game. It will be updated regularly with new and perhaps even limited items.

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