Steam New Release: Heavy Impact

First person robot boxing title “Heavy Impact” is now up on Steam! This game thrust the player into the ring as a battle robot, and the objective is to deliver massive blows to the opposing bots to defeat them, while dodging their punches.

This game is set in a post apocalypic arena of multiple stages. Try to deliver various types of punches, but don’t forget to raise your arms up to block or you’ll get punched by the opponent instead. You can also overclock your CPU and slow down punch to give yourself some advantages as well, and deliver a combos to turn them into waste metals.

The game is currently in Early Access, and the full game is planned for July 2017. Future updates include customizable battle bot, Oculus Support, new levels and robots, tournament campaign mode, more music, more fist modules and different armor types and playstyles.

For now, you can play this game from Studio Captivate on HTC Vive, and yes, a room-scale play area will be needed.

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