Steam New Release: SwingStar

Zero Eden Games/Computer Lunch has co-developed a VR title “SwingStar VR”, and today the title has been released on Steam.

SwingStar VR is a refreshing and unique title that allows players to swing around and navigate by the giant sticky hand attached to their head with the use of a mysterious helmet. In this title, a new tech product has malfunctioned and send the world’s physics out of control, and you are to help restore the order.

This game uses only a button and your line of sight to make your way around in all 24 levels. There are epic boss battle, unlockable doors that leads to secret levels, the ultra secretive inter-dimensional zone that only opens after obtaining all 72 stars, and more.

The title supports the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR, and a standing/seated play area is needed.

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