HTC Vive

Steam New Release: Sairento VR

A new VR swordfighting/gunshooting combat VR title “Sairento VR” has been released on Steam as Early Access.

This title take place in an reimagined Japan in the near future. You assume the role of a Silent Ones member, a righteous yet covert organization consist of people who practices the forsaken code and martial arts of the ancient samurais and ninjas, while living an ordinary life as disguise during the day. Now, some of your comrades has turned into crazed, nano-infected shells of their former self and you are tasked to uncover the reason behind everything.

The combat system was tested vigorously to ensure the experience is as intuitive and immersive as possible. As a Samurai chosen by your sensei due to your extraordinary character, you are send on this mission, armed with katana, guns and other projectile weapons for any obstacles along the way.

You will not only face your former comrades, but other enemies like ninjas, yakuza and even heavily armored cops as well, across a range of exotic locations that includes a temple and atop a speeding train.

This game is made by Mixed Realms Pte Ltd and support the HTC Vive.

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