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Latest Updates Including New Map for “Smashbox Arena”

Smashbox Arena just received an massive update that provides additional contents and improvements to the game.

The #7 map of the game is named “Hard Hat”, which is also their largest map of all. There are lots of covers and high spots, which are the some of the key ingredients for exciting gameplay. 

A demo of the game is also now available. Demo players will be able to play against full version players in the Camp map, and they cannot earn rank in the game. Also, they only have access to the Seal Pup head, and customization of the head is not allowed. In story mode, the demo is capped at Easy and Medium difficulty as well, with only one match in the Camp map.

The regions selection and teleportation visuals has both been improved as well. Here are the rest of the changelogd:

  • Updated fonts on navigation signs 
  • AI no longer ignores dodgeballs being held when determining line of sight 
  • Handle issue where no ball spawners in a room could cause framerate drops 
  • Multi-Player Lounge *DING-DONG* message only plays once every 5 minutes

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