Steam New Release: Gladius

Gladius is a arena action title that features sword fighting in ancient Rome.

In this new game, player takes on the role of a gladiator and participate in sword fight against a variety of enemies in the battle arena. Opponents can include othergladiator, tiger, skeleton warriors, Legionaries, Pretorians, Mummies and Minotaurs.

You’ll be dual wielding shield and a sword. Try to slay and cut down the enemy by striking at the openings in their armor, and be prepare to dodge their moves as well. In addition, there’s also an Energy system which allows you to teleport and to slow time, as well as a dynamic crowd system, where their reactions is based on your actions.

Besides the default weapons, you can also unlock new weapons, shields and helmets in the armory as you progress into the game. It also features 3 locomotion options: teleportation, sprint or use the trackpad movement.

Due to the nature of the game, there will be violent contents though, such as decapitation. This game from Multiverse, supports the HTC Vive. Current it is still in  Early Access and features 2 levels, as well as training arena. The full release will contain 7 levels, more enemies and more weapons, with other miscellaneous improvements.

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