Steam New Release: Robot City Stadium

Robot City Stadium is a new title for virtual reality that is up on Steam for purchase. It is a competitive multiplayer, disc-based sports title that is developed by Virtual Vengeance.

In this title, you can compete online in multiplayer mode against other players, as you jump, dodge, block and throw discs while you seek to defeat your opponents. There’s no teleportation mechanics here, as this title is build from the ground up to take full advantage of room-scale VR.

Throwing the disc is like throwing a frisbee in real life. You’ll have to rely solely on your throwing skill, as there’s no aim-assist in this title. You can even twist your wrist as you throw to attempt a curving throw. There’s a selection of arena layouts and features that will keep the gameplay action fresh and interesting as well.

This game currently supports the HTC Vive, and is currently on the 15% launch special.

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