HTC Vive

Steam New Release: VR Monster Awakens

A new kaiju VR title has just hit the Steam! “VR Monster Awakens” is a virtual reality title whereby player can live in the body of a giant monster and wreck havoc in the city.

This game take place in the Simplicity, and the monster which the player is playing as, is call “Somnilla”, who was accidentally awaken by a submarine in oceanic trench, and now you’ll be taking down Simplicity for revenge.

In VR Monster Awakens, the player can move around and destroy everything in sight, such as city buildings and vehicles. Even the citizens of the city can be eaten! The city military may try to bring you down, but you can return the attack by grabbing their tanks’ missile and throw it back at them. You can even cast powerful skills after collecting sufficient power from the ruins. Do remember to try the standard “beam shooting” attack skill that every huge kaiju should have as well.

The current version sport map 1 of the main arcade game mode with complete game mission, enemies and boss fight, 2 difficulty modes, 3 different party game modes, free-style game mode and a game tutorial. More maps, difficulty, game contents like enemies, mission targets, achievements, language supports, leaderboards etc are planned on its journey to final full release.

This game is under development by FIGHT4DREAM LIMITED and supports the HTC Vive.

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