“Steampuff: Phinnegan’s Factory” Update Up

Virtual reality title “Steampuff: Phinnegan’s Factory” has a new update which add several things to the core mechanics of Phinnegan’s Factory. Here are the updates:

  • NEW Power-Up System – We’ve implemented a new system that allows players to regain health, stun enemies or supercharge their weapons. Power-ups are delivered via the floating Octophly – its colorful, ever-changing aura will give players a clue as to which power-up it’ll drop once they’ve finished it off.
  • NEW Cover System – We are pleased to introduce a dynamic cover system that gives players a little extra protection during those hectic onslaughts we’re so fond of. Simply shoot the switch and get to work! Once the cooldown is over, the switch will pop back up. This should increase everyone’s chances of survival.
  • NEW Dual Wield – The number one question we’ve received over the last few months is “What do I do with my other hand?” To that end, we can finally answer … “You shoot robots!” We’ve incorporated a second Farraday Model 53 for your added protection. The back of each hand now displays health as well, so you can quickly check how you’re holding up, while keeping the destruction to a maximum.

There’s going to be more additional content in the future, including additional levels and enemies as well. Clocktower and Trainyard will be introduced early next year.

This title is still in early access. It is an action wave shooters where you have to defeat the mechanical monstrosities in multiple levels of madless.

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