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“Island 359” Gets ZERO DARK Update (Trackpad Locomotion& Arcade Mode)

Island 359 has a new Christmas “ZERO DARK” Update, featuring trackpad locomotion, arcade mode (and a T-Rex!)

The trackpad locomotion has been added due to massive demand from players. Player can toggle the selection in the Menu section.

An Arcade mode is basically the wave shooter version of the game. It serves as a response to the VR market trend and their SHOW DEMO build. In this mode, there are 15 waves per map (Jungle, Beach and new Valley map) with 5 different locations per map. 

There is also a mission modifiers for Arcade mode: full auto (machine gun) and ranger (knife and bow). More options are in the pipeline for future update, according to the developer.

The Arcade Mode will also introduces the Player Profiles snd Progression system too. You will earn credits and level up by playing Arcade Mode. Credits can be used for player and weapon upgrades.

There are a tons more improvements and content expansions to this update. Check out the link for the full details!

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