Steam New Release: DinoFense

DinoFense has been released on Steam! It is a new VR game developed by Team 6, and it is an action game that take place in the Dino Village.

The player is a dinosaur tasked to defend the DinoVillage and its citizens from being attacked by the uncivilized invaders. Play environments can take place in 3 main zones (a Beach, Jungle or near the volcano). Each zones has their own characteristics, such as special items or enemies.

Enemies will spawn in all directions, so the player really has to look around and watch out for them. Strategizing on which enemies they should defeat first is the key to clearing the waves.

2 game modes are featured in this game: Adventure and Endless. The Adventure mode is basically the story mode, where the player can enjoy shorter length levels with preset difficulties. Endless mode is simply a mode where an endless waves of enemies will appear to attack the player, and it only ends when the player games over.

This game supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR.

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